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2021 Holiday Shopping Guide

2021 Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s officially that time of year! Break out the winter boots and mittens, bake those festive cakes and plan your holiday shopping. The most stressful part? Finding what to buy, no doubt. Especially if you’re short on time and the list is long. It can be hard to find the “perfect” gift for all the different people but we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve created a gift guide for the gadget-lovers (and need-ers!) in your life—the students, freelancers and hybrid-working adults. These are the people who are constantly on the go, hustling and, well, probably really need this holiday break. Let’s start checking some names off that list, shall we?

2021 Holiday Gifts

A Laptop

All students now either need a laptop or an upgrade, especially with all of this online learning we’re now seeing. Expert Reviews tested a large range of different laptops and ranked them, so you can see which is best for your student. For the best student laptop, they ranked the  Apple M1 MacBook Air (£999).

If you’d prefer Windows, they recommend the Dell XPS 12 (£1,099). They also included their favourites in multiple categories like laptops with a touch screen, that are lightweight, have a large screen as well as 2-in-1s. Take your pick!



Yes, you read that right. But it’s not what you’re thinking.  These people are grinding day and night, they deserve to get down and DIRTEA. What’s more British than a good ol’ cup of tea, right? But DIRTEA are 100% organic mushroom tea blends that are packed with nutrients. You can add the different blends to regular tea, coffee, smoothies or hot chocolate and enjoy some incredible benefits such as an increase in focus, concentration and memory; improved quality of sleep and immunity, and increased lung capacity and performance, to name a few. Gift them with a morning shower for their brain with a DIRTEA subscription and save them 20% off the purchase price. 



Løci vegan trainers are anything but low key. GQ calls them the best eco-friendly trainers and Stylist refers to them as a cult classic. Students especially will have to have them. Their feet will love them. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And, best of all, they won’t cost an animal its life. Win-win all around. With free shipping, all you need to do is buy your fave student(s) a gift card and let them pick the Løci they love. 


University students, digital nomads and pretty much anyone using any digital device will appreciate and come to heavily rely on MOFT’s impressive line of adaptable, versatile and lightweight folding stands for phones, laptops and tablets. In the business of designing products that are designed to adapt to our lifestyle, MOFT stands are built for any lifestyle and can stand up (or down or sideways) to whatever these hard workers throw at them. We’re not poets but get these people a MOFT, they’ll use it a lot. 

Amazon Prime Student

For the students in your life, give them the gift that will literally keep on giving… Without the shipping. Let’s face it, if it exists, it’s probably on Amazon and you’d be doing the student in your life a solid if they didn’t have to worry about shipping costs, ever... Or at least for the first six months (the length of the free trial) and then depending on their results, extend into the foreseeable. Prime Student also means 10% off textbooks and selected clothing/accessory brands; free video/music streaming; unlimited photo storage, and access to lightning deals, and much more.  If there was ever an incentive to get that History and Culture of Ancient Greece paper in on time... Amazon Prime Student is it.  

Tea/Coffee Mug Warmer

A no-brainer, to be fair, and goes hand in hand with our DIRTEA suggestion above but the future minds of tomorrow need to stay alert and their brews of choice cannot go cold as they pore over their statistical homework and try to determine ​​whether the probability that what we think is a relationship between two variables is really just a chance occurrence. Confused? So are we. That’s why they need caffeine and they need it hot

Bluetooth Tracker

Stress and pressure can run high when you’re working full time, at uni or travelling for work; and the chance of misplacing things or forgetting where you last left them is highly possible. Let’s not add to that the unfortunate risks of being robbed during their commute. The practicality and peace of mind Bluetooth trackers offer make them a fantastic gift option and a relatively-affordable solution in comparison to the cost of replacing the lost items. Vodafone is currently offering 5o% off Curve, their award-winning smart GPS Bluetooth tracker. Need more choice? You can find a selection of other Bluetooth trackers here

Hand Warmer

Brrrr! ‘Tis the season to bundle up because baby, it’s cold outside. The ‘coolest’ gift you can give the active people in your life is these USB rechargeable pocket hand warmers that have different heat settings to keep their hands warm and can even serve as a backup phone charger. Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1? We’re guessing they’ll love the sleek look and artsy designs, and the quick warm-up and 5-8 hour heat function will really come in handy this winter. Priced at just over £25, you can order them here.  

Earbuds & Headphones

It seems everywhere we look these days, everyone is happily going about their daily lives and commuting with their earbuds in place. If anyone is going to stick earbuds in their ears to listen to music, work out, watch TikToks or as background noise while studying or working, why not make sure they have the best earbuds or headphones out there? Here are some of the best deals on earbuds and headphones on offer right now. 

There you have it, ideas for the people in your life who simply can’t, or won’t, stop working, but things that will help them with their day-to-day stress and productivity. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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