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How to Stay Productive: Working From Home Edition

How to Stay Productive: Working From Home Edition

Working and living in the same space is convenient, but can also be a pain sometimes. While rolling out of bed and shuffling 3 steps over to your workspace sounds amazing, it can make productivity hard to keep up. Here are some of our tips on how to stay productive:

Separate your work and living space

Try to keep your relaxing space and your working space separate. Healthline lists a number of reasons why working from bed might sound great, but is actually detrimental to your health. If you have the space to do it, keep your home office as far away from your bedroom as you can to really drive home a healthy work/life balance.

Take regular breaks

The Pomodoro Technique says that for every 25 minutes of work, you should take a short five minute break. Grab a coffee, skim a news article, or go for a short walk. After four of these 25-minute blocks, take a longer break. These longer 20 or 30-minute breaks really allow your brain to process new information and be ready for the next chunk of work.

Invest in comfortable workspace furniture

Girl standing with her laptop on a tall stand which mimics a standing desk. The standing desk gadget is called Moft Z Stand and it can be folded and can go with you anywhere.

You won’t be productive if you’re not comfortable. If you dread a workday at your desk because of body aches and pains, then you’re less likely to want to sit down and get things done. Invest in comfortable seating and a MOFT laptop stand to make sure you’re working as ergonomically and comfortably as possible. If you're looking to upgrade to a standing desk but want to do so affordably, check out the MOFT Z Stand that you can take with you anywhere (even if it's from the kitchen to the living room!)


If there’s things you can set to automate throughout your workday - take advantage of it! Programs like Zapier let you set up integrations to automate some of the tedious parts of your day. By not getting hung up on the little things, you’re able to focus on your bigger tasks and make the most out of each work session.

Ask for help when you need it

How many times have you put off a task because you need to ask someone for help on it? This kind of procrastinating is normal - sometimes it can be hard to admit you need help! Get in the habit of biting the bullet and asking for help as soon as you need it so you can start working on important tasks ASAP. 

Productivity tools are a personal preference. While some of these tips might work for some, they may not be good for others. Trial and error is key and don’t get discouraged if something isn’t working, just pivot and try again!

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