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The Perfect Holiday Gifts To Send Your Team This Year

The Perfect Holiday Gifts To Send Your Team This Year

Coronavirus may have cancelled the office party, but it certainly can’t stop us from bringing on the holiday cheer. This year, make sure your team knows you’re on their good list while lifting everyone’s spirits with these great gift ideas that you can order and have delivered at the click of a button. 

Patch Plants

Now that you’ve left the office, your team are probably missing some of the resident plant buddies. Bring the plants to them with one of the best, Patch Plants. You can choose to delight your employees with a trustworthy succulent or a festive desk tree for the holidays.


Send your employees the gift of their favorite takeaway with a Deliveroo Gift card that everyone will love. Whether you’re calling is a little lunch or cheeky takeaway on the company, we’re here for it!


2020 hasn’t been the most calm of years… If anything, it has probably piled on the stress. Send the gift of relaxation to your team with an Urban gift card, which means they can schedule an on-demand massage in the comfort of their home and convenience of their schedule.And if you’re interested in making Urban a part of your company wellness benefits, check out their very own, Wellpass.


Continue looking after their wellness, give the gift that keeps on giving and make sure their workstation at home is ergonomically minded. With MOFT, you can give them an affordable standing desk, invisible laptop stand or even a handy phone stand (that even has a wallet built-in).


When your workspace is also your personal space, building healthy habits can be important for switching off. We recommend considering giving Headspace, the easy to use meditation app, to your team this year to help people switch off from work mode. We like to use it for our commute from our desk to the sofa and make a meaningful transition into the evening. 


Like many businesses in 2020, digital transformation has been happening at lightspeed. ClassPass, the workout pass app, also experienced a transition into live streamed at-home fitness. If you’re looking for a gift to give your team that can withstand normal-world and covid-world rules, ClassPass won’t let you down.


Seeing everyone send their teams exciting branded swag and getting a bit jealous? Kick the FOMO and hop on board the SwagUp site, where they take care of the organising, packing and design of your custom branded swag. Not only do they make great gifts (looking at you, customised Ember Mug), but they can also be a great way to welcome a new team member remotely. 

Have you been holiday shopping for your team yet or have a favourite gift idea? Let us know! We’d love to continue building out our list and discover more. 

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