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4 Wellness Tips for Working Remotely

4 Wellness Tips for Working Remotely

When you’re spending every day working and living in the same space, Tuesdays can feel a lot like Thursdays. Groundhog Day Syndrome, named after the 1993 film starring Bill Murray where he lives the same day over and over, can be used to describe what we’re living through now whilst working remotely. 

Some changes in you and your team’s routines can help prioritise wellness and bring you out of the Groundhog Day rut. Read on to see our top 4 wellness tips for your team:


1. Boundaries

Setting up a designated work space is really important in creating a boundary between your work and home life. If you don’t have a space in your home you can solely dedicate to this, then having a designated time to set up in the morning and clear up at the end of the day can create this boundary as well. 

One of the easiest ways to turn even the smallest places into a functional work space is by using the MOFT Z Sit-Stand Desk. It folds into three great options for working - including a standing desk option! When you’re done, it folds away easily to blend into your bookshelf. 

2. Compassion

Everyone is handling remote working differently, so taking the time to check in one-on-one with your team can make the biggest difference in someone’s day. Opening up a space that encourages honesty and compassion can help your team feel more connected.

Schedule some informal coffee chats with your team to see how they’re getting on outside of work. You might even learn some interesting things about them you didn’t know before!


3. Stay active

Whatever your activity of choice, staying active is an important part of any wellness routine. Mental Health UK says even a short 10-minute brisk walk can improve mental alertness, energy and positive mood. So taking a short time out of your busy afternoon to focus on getting out on a walk with some fresh air can do wonders for your productivity levels later in the day. If your day is stacked and you don’t have the chance to get up, try our 5 easy yoga stretches to do at your desk.

MOFT can help your exercise routine by propping your phone up on any surface - including the floor to make your yoga routines just a bit easier. It’s one the many great benefits of MOFT cases. Blocking out 15 minutes in your calendar for a quick stretch can make all the difference for your mind and body.


4. Routine

Just like how your day used to go commute, work, commute, home - having a distinction between what is work time and what is relaxing time will give your day more structure and hopefully help shake the feeling that your days are flying by.

One way to keep a healthy routine is by using time blocking in your calendar. This blocks off chunks of time for you to work undisturbed and also act as a way to remind you to switch tasks. You can even use these blocks as reminders to stand up and walk or rest your eyes from staring at screens all day. 

Whether you adopt one or all of these tips into your daily remote working routine, the smallest bit can help improve your sense of wellness and, in turn, your productivity during the day. Explore our range of MOFT stands to make your working day that much more efficient - from making your workspace more ergonomic to shaking up your fitness routine.

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