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5 Ways the MOFT Phone Stand Will Improve Your Life

5 Ways the MOFT Phone Stand Will Improve Your Life

Facetime Friends and Family with Ease with this Phone Stand

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a pandemic and your only portal to catching up with friends and family is via Facetime, Skype, Zoom, you name it. Although we’re thankful for the technology that keeps us connected, hours of chatting online can leave your arm sore. And when you just can’t keep holding up your phone, you turn to books and objects to try and prop your phone up, but you also risk it all falling to bits with your phone on the floor. 

It’s time to make your social calls less fiddly with the MOFT Phone Stand. It takes care of you (and your phone) in so many ways. With it’s capability to safely prop your phone up for video calls (both vertically and horizontally), you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Plus, you’ll no longer come through the video conversation with shaky video footage. It’s a win-win!

A Phone Stand That Makes Workouts Easy to Watch

Working out is the hard part, but don’t make it even more complicated by having to walk over to your device to check out the next step, or even worse, trying to hold it throughout. Whether you use the MOFT Phone Stand to prop it up on the floor or on a table surface in front of you, you’ll have more mindspace to focus on the workout itself and maybe even get your form in check. 

The Best Kitchen Gadget is Actually a Phone Stand

Be bold and try out new recipes without getting your device sticky. With the MOFT Phone Stand, there is no need to keep picking up your phone between steps to double check your methods or ingredients. Leave it to MOFT to show you the instructions so that you can focus more on how your next baking or cooking masterpiece will turn out. 

There are two ways you can use the moft in the kitchen; in the usual phone stand mode or you can use the free magnet that comes with your MOFT Phone Stand to adhesively stick onto the fridge or your backsplash. The phone stand itself has a built in magnet so that you can stick it up with ease. And here’s our top tip: leave your phone on no-sleep mode while working away at your next dish to keep the instructions lit.

The Phone Stand with Handy Card Storage 

Carry your 3 most important cards with you everywhere and travel light with the MOFT Phone Stand. With room for your ID, bank card and travel pass, you’re equipped for the day ahead of you. It makes dashing out the door easy and stress-free. It also means switching handbags is also a breeze, knowing you have the bare minimum needed for heading out. Don’t forget the keys!

Make Just About Anything Easier with this Phone Stand

Stop trying to multitask too hard. Catch up on an e-book, TV show or the news easier by using the MOFT Phone Stand. With so much content begging for our attention on a day to day basis, we like to squeeze in the time for it with other day to day tasks like brushing our teeth or while our coffee brews.

The ergonomic nature of this phone stand also means you have a better grip on the phone itself. Once we get back into post-covid commuting, you’ll be able to hold your phone in one hand and hold onto the handles of a bus or tube in motion without fear of dropping your phone. It also means that if you’re laying in bed holding your phone above your face, you’re less likely to lose hold of it and have it come crashing down on your face (we’ve been there….) As for your trips to the toilet with your phone in tow, we’re not judging either!

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