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Tech for Self-Care: Our Tips to Relax After the Holidays

Tech for Self-Care: Our Tips to Relax After the Holidays

I’m going to take a couple of shots in the dark here and if they apply to you, you have to keep reading. Deal?

You’ve spent time with family, friends or loved ones over the holidays.

Although it’s meant to be relaxing, you’ve found yourself a bit overwhelmed or stressed

Your social battery power is drained and you’re looking forward to a few WFH days while you recharge.

Yeah, me too. This time of year is hectic, let’s face it. Between closing out the year at work or uni, seeing friends and family and setting New Year's resolutions and intentions, there’s a lot going on. Once you find time to actually relax, here are a few ways to use tech to practice self-care after a manic holiday season.

Digital planner or notebook

Keeping track of a hardcover notebook all year long isn’t realistic for most of us. But you know what is? Keeping your phone or laptop with you. That’s why digital planners are a great way to go. If you’re just looking to jot down whatever’s on your mind or plan your goals for 2022, try to go digital  this year. You might find yourself using it more often than a physical book. Check out this one called Friday. It can even integrate apps like Google Calendar and Slack. Not looking for anything too fancy? Use your notes app on your phone or computer.

Spend time outside

With the chilly weather, it takes a lot more to get out the door these days. Thick socks, boots, hat, gloves, scarf, jumper, and coat; plus the usual phone, wallet, travel card, ID, and keys. Got it. Even though it requires more effort, it’s even more important during these months to get that Vitamin D. It’s a massive mood booster, too. When you head out, make life easier and knock your wallet and cards off the list  by grabbing your all-in-one, MOFT X phone stand and wallet. The MOFT X sticks to the back of your phone and holds 3 cards with RFID protection, perfect for a quick walk outside or trip to the market. 

Me time, me time, me time

We all love our family and friends but all the socialising can take a lot out of us. We’d suggest starting a new TV series, getting lost in a movie, or using that Kindle you got for Christmas to glue your nose to a new book. Have some free time in your schedule? Don’t feel like you need to fill it. Spend it on yourself, you won’t regret it.

Prioritise your health

We all “let ourselves go” during the holiday season. Between the biscuits, drinks and sweets, it’s certainly hard not to (and we deserve it). Though well worth it, it’s important to get back to a healthy routine, both physically and mentally. Something that many of us don’t think about when it comes to prioritising our health is the ergonomic aspect when working. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to have better posture.. I know mine is. So I’ve purchased a MOFT laptop stand to use while working at home or in the office. It sticks to the bottom of my laptop so it’s easy to carry and impossible to forget. The MOFT laptop stand has two adjustable height settings, at 2 and 3 inches. If you’re looking for something more versatile, check out their Z Standing desk. 

Grab your laptop, pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle… 2022 is all about focusing on yourself.

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