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6 Ways to Continue Learning After Uni

6 Ways to Continue Learning After Uni

6 Ways to Continue Learning After Uni

Congrats! If you’re here, you’re probably a recent graduate. What a massive achievement! You have a lot to be proud of. But now, what’s next? Sure, a full-time job is likely your next step, but if you’re hungry for knowledge, getting caught up in the same day-to-day tasks can get boring.

As a recent graduate, I’ve found myself looking for ways I can continue learning. Whether it be about some of my passions and hobbies, researching about my field or even finding answers to random questions throughout the day, it feels good to continue to gain knowledge. 

Without the structure of your course program, it can feel like you’re at a dead-end. Maybe you’ll learn something new at work, but it’s exciting to learn new non-work related things (and it’ll make you a great teammate for Pub Quiz). Here are some of my recommendations for continuing to learn after graduating uni.

Take mini field trips

One of my favourite things to do in my free-time is to explore my city. It helps that I have a lot to explore (London is massive), but there is always something new to do, no matter where you are. Even if it just means heading to a new cafe and striking up a conversation with a stranger, there are endless opportunities to learn.

Another ‘field trip’ to add to your diary is a day at the museum, any museum! Whether it’s art, history or science, those places are absolutely packed with information and great places to learn something new. Little trips here and there, especially on your own, allow you to have the time and mental space to think, learn and problem solve.

Set aside time throughout the week to get curious

Keep a journal of questions you find yourself asking throughout the day; the Notes app on your phone will do! Any question will count, even if they sound silly. They could even be something like, “Why is the sky blue?” or, “How does a microwave actually work?” 

Take note of these questions, then a few times a week, get on your laptop (with a MOFT laptop stand, of course) and do some research. Setting aside time to answer your own questions will be great, and you’ll likely get into a rabbit hole of information that you never would have read otherwise.

Sign up for MasterClass

MasterClass is an amazing platform for those who are eager to learn. From cooking with Gordon Ramsay, to self-love and development with RuPaul, to Sales and Persuasion with Daniel Pink (three of my top recommendations!), there really is something for everybody. 

They offer classes that are a few hours long, but split them up nicely into “lessons”, so you can start and pause as you please. Although the subscription price seems like a lot (£14 per month)… How does that compare to your Netflix… Spotify… YouTube Premium… You get my point.


Everybody says traveling is the best way to learn about the world. I mean, it makes sense! How can you really learn about a place without being there, meeting people and eating their food? I’m an active supporter of eating to learn… That’s a thing, right?

Traveling can be intimidating budget-wise. However, you don’t have to take a 6-week trip to Southeast Asia to learn. Find the most inexpensive train, book a cheap AirBnb and head off for a weekend, it doesn’t matter where! As long as it’s somewhere new, you’re good.

No time on the weekends? Go during the week and take your remote work with you. Time outside your normal space can be great for productivity. Especially if you utilise products like the MOFT Z Stand or Phone Stand. They’re slim, light, and as mobile as they get.


Learning about yourself is still learning. Take time each day or a few times a week to jot down your thoughts. Journaling can help you sort out any questions, issues or general feelings you may have. Recently, I’ve been waking up just 30 minutes earlier than normal, making coffee, and sitting down to write in my journal for a few minutes. My curiosity then kicks off my day, and I start with something productive. Writing down your dreams is a great way to remember them, too, which can then help you learn about yourself.

Talk to Strangers (Hear me out)

Sometimes, we get caught up in our own world and forget that there are millions of other people with amazing lives and stories. It’s gotten to a point in today’s society where it’s “weird” to start talking to someone you don’t know. Let’s try to break that. There is so much that we can learn from each other, if only we weren’t scared to ask. So that person that comes and sits next to you in the coffee shop? Complement their sweater. You never know what kind of conversation you might strike up!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration, and I hope that you’ll continue to learn, even when your “real” classes are over. Try some of these out, and let me know how you get on at your next game of Pub Quiz!

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