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Homeschooling Tips for Back to School

Homeschooling Tips for Back to School

With school going back recently, many of us are getting back into the routine of it all. If you’re homeschooling your kids this school year for the first time (or just need some ideas to keep things running smoothly), we’ve compiled a list of some of our tips for homeschooling.

Stick to a routine

Start gradually and get a routine going. Just like when your kids are physically in school, having a routine for your mornings and days makes it easier for everyone to keep on task. Keep a calendar on the wall and make weekly schedules visible to make it easier to follow along. 

Whether you keep your school days structured or not, having designated times for when you start, take breaks, eat lunch and end the day are important to keep a general routine going.

Have a designated learning space

Even if you don’t have space in your home to have a specific space that’s for schooling, take the time to set up your dining room table or desk for learning time. Offer the resources to thrive and make the most out of each day. 

Some great things to have on the desk are good noise-cancelling earphones for when you need to focus, a solid laptop stand (like the MOFT Laptop or Z Stand) and a collection of notebooks, pens and highlighters. Making the space fun will keep the kids engaged with what they’re learning.

Take breaks

It can be easy to get carried away throughout the day. Make sure to take regular breaks, especially ones from screens. Sitting down with a book can be a great way to prevent eye strain and headaches throughout the day. Snack breaks and outdoor time help get some variety into the day as well. Go for a walk or organise some activities outside to get moving and stay active.

Maybe introduce an afternoon yoga or stretch time as a break or go to a nearby park to burn off some energy. Sitting down and focusing all day is hard on anybody, so it’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Celebrate the little things

Some positive reinforcement can go a long way! If you notice something great like finally spelling a word right or getting through a maths problem with the correct steps, then take notice! Start a wall of accomplishments where good work can be shared. Or if they’re helping out more in the kitchen, celebrate when they help you make their favourite lunch.

When kids are frustrated, it can be a great reminder that they can accomplish difficult things. Having it visible and displayed nearby can help you point to it when they feel like giving up. 

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