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Why You Need a Laptop Stand

Why You Need a Laptop Stand

Before I started working at MOFT, I never used a laptop stand because I never thought I needed one. The benefits of using a stand never crossed my mind, believe it or not. Once I started looking into the benefits and feeling them for myself after using MOFT, I don’t know how I lived without it.

If you’re like me and need to weigh all of the benefits before making a purchase, we’ll run you through the top reasons why you need a laptop stand and how it will make a difference in your life:

Better ergonomics and adjustable angle

With the right laptop stand, you’ll have adjustable angles to hit that ergonomic sweet spot. At MOFT, our most popular invisible laptop stand has 2 angles (15° and 25°) that help bring your screen closer to your natural eye level.

If you want even more angles, the MOFT Z Stand is your friend. With multiple angles (25°, 45°, 60°, and standing mode), you can convert your stand from a sitting to a standing desk so easily. 

Prevent eye strain and neck pain

With your screen closer to your natural eye level, you’re relieving the strain on your neck, shoulders and back by reducing hunching. If you use an external monitor, it brings your laptop screen closer to your monitor’s level, which helps reduce eye strain going between both screens.

By using your MOFT Z laptop stand in standing mode, you’re naturally a step further away from your laptop, which also reduces the chances of eye strain. Remember to take frequent breaks throughout the day to further help prevent eye strain.

Increased productivity

When you’re in the right position, you work better. While breaks during the working day are really important, you can make the working blocks productive by having the right laptop stand for you. Being comfortable and having your screen at a level that won’t hurt your neck can let you get all of your thoughts down on paper without being in pain

Improves airflow

Laptop stands help raise the bottom of your laptop off the desk to give more air access to your vents. MOFT even has an Airflow Laptop Stand to cater to people with air vents on the bottom of their laptops. Trust us, your laptop will thank you for the improved airflow! It can help keep your laptop from overheating and could help increase its longevity.

Portability for working on the go

The MOFT Laptop Stand sticks directly to the bottom of your laptop and folds away nearly invisibly. It’s truly portable in that you will never forget it wherever you go because it comes with you.

This portability lets you work from anywhere you need to without compromising on an ergonomic workspace or on space in your bag. Some stands can be clunky and awkward, making them difficult to travel with. MOFT is literally designed to travel with you (did you know it stands for Mobile Office For Travellers?) - it’s in the name!

Reduces clutter

If you’re sharing desk spaces with others or multitasking by working at the dining room table, the MOFT Z Sit-stand desk folds away to the size of a small book. It can slide in seamlessly with your other books or folders and not be recognised. It’s great for storing until you need it again and no one will know it’s there. 

Laptop stands are an important part of your desk. They keep you working ergonomically to reduce the strain on your body and eyes and are convenient to bring with you if you’re a remote worker who likes a change of scenery. Whatever your situation, we know there’s a MOFT out there for you. Shop the collection here to see more!

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