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Tools for Working on the go

Tools for Working on the go

In 2020, we were introduced to a new way of working that had many of us rushing to set up work from home spaces and quickly get used to this new norm. As lockdowns ease, many companies are keeping with this flexibility by allowing their people to work wherever's easiest for them.

From home to days in the office and coworking spaces, there's a big variety in how we're working in 2021. While we get used to our new ways of working, here are some of our favourite tools for working on the go:

1- Planner

Keeping organised is at the top of our list, and one of the best ways to do that is with a planner. Personally, we use the Completist's planners and love how they have something for everybody. From undated planners to weekly to-dos at a glance, keep on top of things with a good planner. 


2- Wireless mouse

The portability of laptops can be great, but some work requires a bit more tech. A wireless mouse is the perfect compact tool for on-the-go work. They’re light to carry without the stress of a tangled cable.


Say goodbye to neck pain from working on low cafe tables and hello to your own portable sit-stand desk. The MOFT Z-Stand is the perfect on-the-go solution for the lack of a desk. If you want an option that travels on your laptop, the MOFT Laptop Stand sticks to the bottom and folds down - you’ll never even know it’s there. 

4- Hard drive

Bulky file sizes for big projects can take up a lot of space on laptop storage, even on cloud storage systems like Google Drive. If you want to back up your files to multiple places just in case, investing in a lightweight 1TB (or more) hard drive will allow you to bring everything you need with you

5- Travel mug 

An essential item for anyone who’s on the go, a good leak-proof travel mug will get you from point A to point B while staying well-caffeinated along the way. Bonus points - some cafes like Costa and Pret give you a bit of a discount for using your own mug. Good for the environment and your wallet!


6- Noise cancelling headphones 

Coworking spaces can be great for getting a change of scenery and collaborating with your team. However, they can sometimes be a bit noisy with people taking calls and meetings around you. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones will be a life saver in these moments. Block out distracting noises and get back on track.

These are only some of our favourite tools for working on the go. If you’re equipped with these, you’ll be set to work wherever life takes you. Whether you’re setting up at home, a coworking space, or choosing the nomad life and heading out in a campervan, take your office with you. Shop our MOFT Work Anywhere Combo here.

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