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Travelling with MOFT | The Ultimate Game Changer

Travelling with MOFT | The Ultimate Game Changer

As the world begins to open up (slowly), travelling for work will become more and more common. Although some of us may be hesitant to go back to “normal”, many are buzzing to get back into their routines of travelling for work… but do we even know how anymore? Because we’ve all had so much time off from travel, it’s going to take a bit to get back into the swing of things. Luckily, it’s easy with MOFT.

MOFT X or MagSafe to hold your cards

Packing is the toughest part of travel, isn’t it? Strategically planning exactly where to pack your items so you know right where to find them upon arrival is tough. Picture this - you’re nearly finished packing, and you’re scattered running about the house looking for a convenient place to carry your ID, credit cards and tickets. Luckily, the MOFT X Stand and Wallet allows you to keep the cards you need at your fingertips. With its adhesive technology, you are able to take it on and off without losing its stick. Even better, if you have an iPhone 12 or a phone with MagSafe compatibility, get your hands on our Snap-On version so you can take it off your phone and use it alone as a wallet. The best part of both gadgets? RFID protection, so no need to worry about anyone stealing your information while on the go.

MOFT 3-in-1 Carry Sleeve

So you’ve made it to the airport, and because you have such great time management, you’re there with a few hours to spare. May as well get some work done, right? That’s where the MOFT 3-in-1 Carry Sleeve comes in - protection for your laptop while travelling, but also two levels of stands for when it’s time to smash out some emails. The carry sleeve not only raises your laptop to the perfect height on a table, but it makes it easier to work on your lap as well; it keeps the heat from the fan off your legs. Our sleeve comes in 13 and 15 inches, so it’ll fit any laptop you’ve got.

MOFT Z Stand

A short flight and a taxi ride later, you’ve made it to your hotel, and shock… there’s more work to do before heading into the office. You’ve been sitting, working all day at this point, and you need to stretch your legs, but you’re in luck. Somewhere between all the chaotic packing, you managed to remember to bring your MOFT Z Stand. The 5-in-1 laptop desk is ideal for travel because you can quite literally make your office anywhere. Stand, sit and angle your computer at 45º to use with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to mimic a desktop computer setup. Perfect for work in your hotel room, the office, cafes, or even at home. Your friends, family and co-workers are guaranteed to ask you about it. 

There’s no denying it - getting back into the swing of things is going to take us all a bit of time, but we can make it more exciting with some new gadgets for working on the go.

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