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MOFT for Your at Home and On the Go Workouts

MOFT for Your at Home and On the Go Workouts

There are so many workout apps that it can be hard to choose the best ones. But rest assured, there is something for everyone out there! 

No matter if you like to do your workout routine at home or on the go, MOFT phone and laptop stands will make sure you get the best experience possible - and improve your day-to-day life.

We put together a list of some of the best workout apps, from audio-only to charity-supporting. Let’s dive in:

Aaptiv Workout App

This audio-only workout app pushes the meaning of ‘’on the go’’ on a new level. Ranging from strength training to yoga and outdoor running, you are surely going to find something that works for you. With 30 new classes added every week and a daily workout plan to suit your preferences, this app will help you get in your best shape. It is available as a monthly (14.99 USD) and yearly subscription (99.99 USD).

Cool features: Different music genres, audio only format suitable for working out anywhere.

Nike Training Club App

The free Nike app is suitable for athletes of all levels. There are 185+ free workouts to choose from, which allows room for working out in spaces of any size and with any equipment (or none at all!). The UK update also includes holistic tips on anything from nutrition, recovery, mindset and sleep from renowned experts.

Cool features: Workout collections to try at home (like Boost Your Mood and For the Whole Family), personalised recommendations.


Whether working out in a park or having no equipment for your exercise, FitOn will help keep you in shape. Offering a variety of workouts (from cardio and HIIT to pilates and yoga), it features world class trainers whose motivation will surely push your limits. Cassey Ho, Christine Bullock and Jonathan van Ness are all waiting for you on this free fitness app (no catch!).

Cool features: Video workouts with leaders in fitness, soothing video meditations.

Strava Workout App

What can be a more on-the-go workout than running or cycling? If you are into either (or both!) this app will be a nice addition to your daily jog. The free version offers activity recording and social network integration. The premium version (£6.99 a month) has some nifty features such as comparing your results with previous efforts, goal setting and route planning.

Cool features: Adding an emergency contact to keep you safe and adding photos to an activity of your adventures.

Charity Miles

Did you know you can run, cycle or hike while also raising money for a charity of your choice? You can choose any of the 50 charities currently available. If you care about animals, you could support the WWF (World Wildlife Federation). If you want to combat homelesness, Back on My Feet helps do that. And if you are committed to support girls in education - She’s the First would be a good choice. You don’t need to run marathons to help - every mile adds up!

Cool features: An Employee Empowerment Program for companies passionate about giving back.

With these apps you are on your way to be back in shape or in the fittest form yet. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, keeping a consistent workout routine will yield results. To keep your screens in place while working up sweat, browse our selection of laptop and phone stands!
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