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Why you Should Invest in a Good Laptop Stand

Why you Should Invest in a Good Laptop Stand

A good laptop stand has more than just one benefit. It can raise your screen height to help align your posture and avoid back pain, help you with multitasking and productivity and also protect your laptop from any spills. Before you get a laptop stand, it can seem like an extra accessory to remember to bring with you (which is a problem we’ve solved at MOFT), but once you’ve started using one you’ll feel empty without it. 

Screen height just like monitor height

By raising your screen level to match your eyes, you raise your chin which means you’re no longer looking down at your screen in a hunched over position. This is key for helping to prevent neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain. The correct monitor height, or height for any computer screen, is when your eyes are in line with the top of the screen at least 20 inches or 51 cm away from your eyes. This is also an arms length distance. Your screen should sit slightly downward from your body, as that’s where your eyes naturally land when at rest.

Protect your laptop from food and drink spills 

A laptop stand raises your computer from the desk, making it an important player in keeping it safe if you happen to knock over your glass of water or coffee mug. Accidents happen—no one’s perfect—so investing in a good laptop stand makes sure you’re fool-proofing any of the small bumps that happen throughout the day.

Helps prevent your laptop from overheating

Most laptops have air vents on the bottom, meaning that any obstructions underneath (like blankets) can lower its efficiency. A laptop stand brings the bottom of the laptop up from your desk to improve the airflow underneath. When you’re running multiple programs to create the amazing work you do, it can sometimes strain your system. Giving it the air it needs to not overheat will do wonders to the functionality of your laptop for the day-to-day tasks.

Back makes contact with the back of your chair

When your screen is lower, you’re more likely to hunch forward to see everything you need to see. This gives you a prawn-like posture which can lead to a sore neck, sore back and, after prolonged slouching, can give you some serious back troubles. Raising your screen naturally brings your posture a bit straighter, which gives your back contact with the back of your chair. This can support your back a lot better throughout the day and help relieve posture pain. 

Helps you multitask and use an external monitor

Elevating your laptop next to a monitor gives you double the screen space without sacrificing seamless screen heights between the two screens. Our number one tip for monitor and laptop users is to position the monitor directly in front of you and keep all your main-focus work happening there, while you rely on your laptop as a sort of side car to deliver quick bites of information, such as Slack, emails or a document that’s influencing the work happening on the monitor. 

Lightweight and portable laptop stand 

The number one rule about getting a laptop stand is actually using it. Make sure it gives you the freedom to relocate, but also be friendly for a personal desk setup. A great thing about MOFT is that it travels with you. Our classic laptop stands stick directly to your laptop so you’ll never forget it wherever you go. There’s also the Z-stand if you want a portable standing desk to come along with you. It folds down to the size and weight of a notebook and can fold into different modes to suit whatever you need it for. The ultimate jack-of-all-trades laptop stand!

Increase productivity (and stay comfortable)

Working without a laptop stand is likely to make you more tired from eye and neck strain, which takes away from your productivity hours. Positioning your laptop in an ergonomic way with a laptop stand lets you get back to what’s most important, staying healthy and being focused on your daily tasks. It also lets you position your laptop higher to your external monitor (if you use one) to make a seamless transition between screens. Having a frictionless work experience keeps your flow flowing beautifully.

Laptop stands are an important part of any work setup. Whether you want something small, light and portable or something more heavy duty, try out and see what works for you! We personally love a MOFT stand, but we might be biased… Check out the collection here!
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