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What's in Your Bag: Creative Freelancer Edition

What's in Your Bag: Creative Freelancer Edition

If you are a creative freelancer, chances are you are always on the go. Whether it’s shooting video or photography, there is always gear to carry, batteries to charge and hard drives to keep safe.

Even if you spend your days sitting in front of the screen, these are some items that are unmissable for every creative freelancer.

Wacom drawing tablet

1. Tablet

The standards in the industry are, of course, Apple iPads. If you want to know more about the best tablets that are not iPads, we did the work for you. For graphic designers Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a good (but costly) choice. A great advantage is that you can run your Adobe subscription and easily carry the tablet around as it weighs just 1.65 kilos. Another excellent choice is Wacom Cintiq 16 Pen Display Monitor. Less pricey than an iPad, it comes in with 15.6-inches screen, a full-HD resolution (1080x1920) and a pen that doesn’t need charging.

LaCie Rugged external hard drive

2. External hard drive

Love them or hate them, external hard drives are a necessary part of equipment to safely store your data. To help with that comes LaCie Rugged USB-C 4TB External Hard Drive, an absolute favourite among content creators. The orange sturdy build and different storage options are a great choice for travelling or challenging weather conditions. Another hard drive that is suitable for freelancers on a job outdoors is Sandisk Professional G-Drive rugged external SSD. Although pricier, it has fast transfer speeds (up to 1050MB/s) and is available in up to 2TB of disk space.

MOFT mobile phone stand3. Laptop and phone stand

Whether working on the go or seated at the desk, a laptop and phone stands make life much easier. Choose from one of the different colours of the MOFT phone stand and browse through different options of a MOFT laptop stand (also, tablet stand anyone?). Not only do they improve posture and reduce neck strain, but they are extremely lightweight and almost ‘invisible’. Attach and reattach (or use a Snap-on magnet phone stand, if you like) because working just got easier.

Girl wearing Sony white headphones

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

It’s hard to focus when there is noise around you and that is where good quality noise cancelling headphones come in. For those with a bigger budget Sony WH-1000XM4 offers a 30-hours battery life and better noise-cancelling than its predecessor Sony WH-1000XM3.. A less pricey option are Lindy BNX-80 noise-cancelling headphones . Well-built and with a battery life of 35 hours, they are a very decent choice for any music lover.

Woman wearing red Rains backpack

5. Good Quality Backpack

The Sandqvist Bernt backpack is a durable choice made with water-resistant material. Ranging in colours from dark navy to a joyful yellow, it is perfect for carrying a 13-inch laptop. Half the price of the Sandqvist is the RAINS mini Backpack. A stylish, water-resistant bag with different compartments and the capacity to fit in a small laptop.

This quick overview of essentials for every creative freelancer’s bag doesn’t stop here. If you are travelling or working from home, MOFT will help you get things done even if you prefer standing to sitting. Check out many of the different MOFT options for a cost-effective and easy solution.

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